Let’s Begin Your #AmKay Adventure!

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Where are you based and do you travel?
I'm Richmond-based and world-bound! Traveling outside of the Richmond, VA area requires a travel fee depending on where your festivities are taking place. (You'll find more detailed information in the AmKay Photography Pricing Guide!)
What type of services do you offer?
Great question! I specialize in weddings/engagements and corporate events, and I also offer additional photography services to my clients. Services include family portraits, professional branding sessions, celebration portraits, family photos, etc. Contact me to learn more!
When will we get our photos?
You'll receive a password-protected online gallery link with sneak peeks within a few days & all your photos within a maximum of 6-8 weeks. Rush delivery options are available as well! Once your photos are delivered, your gallery will stay live for "X" amount of days/months depending on what your package states. Be sure to download all the photos from the gallery as soon as possible and feel free to share them with family and friends, order prints, and more!
Can I get the RAW images from my session?
I'm extremely serious about my profession and aim to always ensure a standard of quality assurance for both my clients and my brand. Therefore, I do not send RAW or unedited images from any session.
What type of photo-editing do you offer?
In an effort to promote natural beauty, I strive to avoid any intense body modification services. General skin softening and limited spot removals are included, but more advanced retouching services (i.e. face swapping, body restructuring, intense blemish removals, facial feature changes, position composition, hair changes, etc.) are available starting at $25/image. You can let me know if you'd like any of these alterations once you receive your gallery and I'll send over an invoice right away so my team can get started! (*Advanced Edits usually take an additional 3-5 business days for delivery depending on how many photos are included in the request.)
How do you photograph weddings?
I'm always by your side to assist you both before the wedding and also during your special day. I want to ensure we're a great match, so let's meet up or do a quick video chat first so I can introduce myself right away! After we meet and you book, I'll send you an Wedding Resource Guide exclusive to #AmKayCouples only to help you organize your day! You'll also receive a personalized questionnaire from me too that helps me understand your coverage desires better. I want you to enjoy your special day to the absolute fullest, so let's work together to complete some necessary prep work in advance!
Do you take extra precautions to ensure the photos are not lost (extra memory cards, etc)?
Yes I do. I always strive to ensure your images are as safe as possible! My team always shoots with dual-slot, high-def cameras which means there are TWO memory cards capturing everything at the same time in high-def for every single camera on site. There's always an automatic, built-in backup! I also have multiple hard-drives I store your edited images on + you'll have your wedding gallery available for an entire year in case you lose/break your electronic appliances and need to re-download them. *Knock on wood.* I know these moments are filled with extremely special memories that can't be duplicated; utilizing multiple methods of precaution is an important measure.
In the event you were to be sick on the day of our wedding, what would be the backup plan?
In the event that I'm unable to make it to your wedding due to severe illness, force majeure, etc., my backup plan stays ready to go. All of my second shooters are experienced and equipped to switch into lead position if necessary. I've never had this happen *again, knock on ALL WOOD POSSIBLE.* But, I trust them and I know they are ready to handle the day if an emergency arises. I'm also a part of six different Richmond/Virginia/DMV groups filled with experienced photographers as secondary back-up plan if necessary.